Project Display Case

Each year, students from colleges and universities across America earn the opportunity to help drive the future of health care, through their work in various internship programs at Anthem, Inc. Here is just a sample of the impact they, and we, are making.


Name: Kayla

College: University of Louisville

Major: Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science and Economics

Anthem, Inc. internship area: Actuarial

This summer I had the opportunity to create a validation file for data that Anthem, Inc. receives from an outside source. I was given the data and the way it was to be measured. Then I was able to create the file on my own. The file was implemented and will be used on a monthly basis. It was an awesome experience that allowed me to show off my skill set while learning a lot more in the process.


Name: Sarina

College: Georgia State University

Major: Risk Management & Insurance

Anthem, Inc. internship area: Large Group Underwriting

During my internship I worked on the – underwriting new business, 100+ enrolled Group Health Medical products project. It was a great experience, and I learned the goals of selling profitable new business, adding to both membership and operational gain while learning Underwriting theory. I had such a great experience at Anthem, Inc. that I’m going to continue working part-time until I graduate in December.


Name: Christopher

College: Indiana University

Major: Informatics with a focus in Security and Human Centered Computing

Anthem, Inc. internship area: Information Security

During the course of my internship, I worked with the Data Protection Team to assist in the protection of production data in non-production environments. I focused on reviewing tickets in TSRM to assist in their proper handling. I assisted with over 600 tickets. I also researched and prepared an FAQ for document administration on Barometer IT, Anthem, Inc.’s Information Technology Inventory application.


Name: Mary

College: The University of Virginia

Major: The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Anthem, Inc. internship area: Executive Communications & Creative Services

Social media is a key growth initiative at the heart of Anthem, Inc.’s service to its stakeholders. To reflect this focus, I compiled a comprehensive social media analytics report that included a competitor cross-analysis, Facebook audience audit, Twitter engaged audience audit, social media post analytics, market research, and strategic growth recommendations. Throughout my internship I was able to use my data aggregation, research and analysis, and critical and creative thinking skills.